Merry Christmas

From McKitty (and all our other cats) and Me!  McKitty has a great story!

One early morning about 7 or 8 years ago, I went to the garage to get into my car and go to work, and I heard a cat meowing loudly from somewhere in the garage.  I looked under my car, and I looked under and around the other car, and I didn’t see a cat anyplace, even though I could hear it keep meowing and meowing.  Very Loudly.  I couldn’t waste any more time on the cat or I would be late to work, so I opened the garage door, got into my car, and went to work.  When I got there, I called Al and told him to find the cat that was in the garage.

He went out and looked, and he couldn’t find the cat, either, so he opened the garage door so that the cat could get out, and he went back inside the house and had a cup of coffee.  When he went back out, the cat was still meowing, and he still couldn’t find it, so he backed the car out of the garage, to give him more room to search for the cat.  When he did this, he realized that the cat was inside the engine of the car!  So he got back in the car and drove it back into the garage.  Then he called me and told me all of this, and I was – Is the cat OK?  And he said that the cat had to be OK because it was still meowing – Very Loudly!

He could see this little kitten sitting by the bottom of engine, but he couldn’t  get it out and the kitten was too scared to come out, so he sprinkled some dry cat food in there, and babysat the poor kitten until I got home from work.  Then I rolled up my sleeves, and stuck my arm down into the engine and managed to grab the kitten and pull him out.  He was scared and thirsty and hungry, and he (and my arm) had grease all over him.  We gave him food and water and 10 other cats to play with, and he’s been with us ever since.  He now weighs 19 pounds, and he’s still Very Loud!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


About sunflowerswank

After working all of my life, I retired in June, 2011. I try to use my extra time to rest, exercise, paint my fingernails, play with my 9 cats, spend time with my husband, Al, and cook healthy and lower fat recipies for us to eat. I try to use as many fruits and vegetables in my menus as I can cram in, sometimes to the complaints of the hubs - LOL! I am also making over some of my old favorites to be heathier with more vegetables in them, and less fat.
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