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Day Trip to Empire Mine State Historic Park

Last week we took a day trip to the Empire Mine State Historic Park.  It’s up north and east of Sacramento, a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house, so we started out pretty early.  Unfortunately, we got lost a few times … Continue reading

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Coral and Orange and Stamping and Dots on my Fingernails – Oh My!

I’m still loving the new summer colors from the OPI Brazil collection, and so here is yet another mani using them.  I liked the white stripes on the orange that I did for my last mani, so I thought that this … Continue reading

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Chicken Tikka Masala

I was going through my recipes and I found this one that I hadn’t made for years.  I don’t know why I forgot about it because it is delicious, and pretty easy to make.  Al likes it best with chicken … Continue reading

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Bright Flowers and Stripes on my Fingernails

I really like the bright colors from this summer’s OPI Brazil collection and I keep thinking of more ways to use them in my manis.  I felt like doing some stripes this time, and I added a big white flower on … Continue reading

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Shells with Andouille, Kale, and Basil with Orange-Garlic Sauce

Our newspaper had a bunch of pasta recipes with veggies in them, so I took what I liked best from them, and ended up with this great tasting dish!  I sent Al to the store for kale, and he bought … Continue reading

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Watercolor Pastels on my Fingernails

New this spring from Sally Hansen and OPI (and maybe more, this is all I have seen so far) are lightly tinted top coats.  Of course, I was intrigued, and so I bought one of the OPI colors, and a couple of the Sally Hansen’s.   I LOVE … Continue reading

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Napa Valley Chicken

I keep finding more old recipes that we haven’t eaten in years.  I thought that this one was good, but Al thought that it needed more flavor.  So next time I think that I’ll add a half-dozen chopped chilies. 6 … Continue reading

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