My First Indy Polish!

I love glitter on my fingernails.  There’s something about the way that the sun catches the glitter and makes it all sparkly that I just can’t get enough of.  I spend way too much time looking at my sparkling nails in the sunlight – lol!  But then, when I’m ready for a new manicure, taking the glitter off is a major hassle, and I end up with glitter all over everything.  So I was especially interested when I started seeing reviews of an Indy polish that had a glitter-removal base coat that allows you to just peel off your polish without harming your nails.  It’s Nail Pattern Boldness and she makes all of her polish in her basement in Vermont.  She also makes a moisturizing base coat, a regular top coat, and a glitter top coat – and if you order $45 worth, she gives you free shipping.  Well, I can’t resist free shipping, so I ordered all of the top and base coats and a couple of glitter toppers and they arrived in just a couple of days, and were in perfect condition.

I used all 4 of the base and top  coats and a glitter for this mani, I couldn’t wait to try them all out.  I put one coat of Digital Hydration, the moisturizing base coat on, and then two coats of Glitter A-Peel, as recommended.  This base coat dries very fast and is fabulously shiny.  It is so shiny that I actually thought that I was using the wrong bottle!  Then I painted my nails, using three different kinds of glitter.  I painted my thumb and pinky with OPI Underneath The Mistletoe, a beautiful dark red filled with teeny silverish glitter.  I painted my pointer nail with Nicole by OPI Naturally and topped with Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, which is tiny gold and holo glitter in a clear pink base.  I painted my accent nails with Nicole by OPI Yoga-Then-Yogurt and topped them with Nail Pattern Boldness Ignition.  I then put a coat of the glitter topper on all my nails, which is thick and smoothed out the glitter really well with only one coat.  Then I topped them all off with the regular top coat.  Both top coats dried fast, and this manicure lasted me for four days, with just a couple of teeny chips.  Stay tuned for a review of the peel-off glitter base coat.

Thumb and Pinky - OPI Underneath The Mistletoe, Pointer - Nicole by OPI Naturally topped with Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter Accent Nails - Nicole by OPI Yoga-Then-Yogurt topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Ignition

Thumb and Pinky – OPI Underneath The Mistletoe
Pointer – Nicole by OPI Naturally topped with Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter
Accent Nails – Nicole by OPI Yoga-Then-Yogurt topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Ignition


About sunflowerswank

After working all of my life, I retired in June, 2011. I try to use my extra time to rest, exercise, paint my fingernails, play with my 9 cats, spend time with my husband, Al, and cook healthy and lower fat recipies for us to eat. I try to use as many fruits and vegetables in my menus as I can cram in, sometimes to the complaints of the hubs - LOL! I am also making over some of my old favorites to be heathier with more vegetables in them, and less fat.
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