Road Trip to SF – Part 1: The AIDS Memorial Grove

Our wedding anniversary is coming up, and Al wanted to go to a restaurant that he had found recently in Redwood City, which is a little town south of San Francisco on the peninsula.  Since we live 100+ miles east of SF in the central valley and going to SF is an all day trip, we only make it in to SF once every couple of months or so.  So when we do travel to the Bay Area, we like to make it really worth our while, and so for this trip, we decided to start in SF in Golden Gate Park and see the AIDS Memorial Grove.  We had seen a special on it on PBS a while back, and were looking forward to going there.

At the entrance to the Grove

At the entrance to the Grove

It was the perfect day for a trip to San Francisco – the sun was out, the temperature was about 65 degrees, there was almost no wind, and it was the middle of the week.  When we got to Golden Gate Park, the Grove was easy to find, and there were *lots* of parking places – yea!  We walked in through the entrance and made our way along the path through the trees.  There were many different kinds of plants along the way, and most of them were blooming!

Flowers blooming along the path

Flowers blooming along the path

Along the path there were benches to sit on and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.  Every bench was a memorial to a friend and loved one who had died from AIDS.  There were also memorials on rocks – some rocks by themselves, and some on rocks that formed walls.  There were also several secluded areas with benches around a small patio-like area that was paved with bricks, each one with the name of someone who had died of AIDS.  Being from the Bay Area, we have several friends who have died from AIDS, but even though we looked, we couldn’t find their names.

One of the memorials in the Grove

One of the memorials in the Grove

The Grove was narrow and long, and in the middle of the first half there was a small meadow, covered with yellow and white flowers.  We walked up one side and down the other, and we spent about 2 hours walking through the grove and enjoying the silence.  I’m glad that we were able to go and see the Grove, it was a beautiful memorial to those who had died of this horrible disease.

Peaceful meadow in the middle of the Grove

Peaceful meadow in the middle of the Grove


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One Response to Road Trip to SF – Part 1: The AIDS Memorial Grove

  1. Al Dubuc says:

    Beautifully written, Mary. It was a great trip to San Francisco, and the AIDS Memorial exceeded our expectations–beautiful, calm, respectful, unique and memorable! My favorite was the meadow! We recommend it to all who are visiting San Francisco, or live close by!

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