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Easy Cheesy Peanut Butter Pudding

Al always wants dessert,  but I don’t like to make it too often since it usually has way too many calories, and way too few healthy ingredients – like veggies or good fruit.  But, I’m a nice person – LOL – … Continue reading

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Scotch Tape Fingernails – A Big Win!

I saw a really cool manicure on one of my favorite nail blogs, Nailside, and I wanted to try it out.  I have also been seeing a lot of tape manicures and I wanted to try that too, and this one … Continue reading

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It’s finally looking like Spring!

It has been so cold and rainy for so long, we even had to miss almost 2 weeks of running because of the rain – I just refuse to run in the rain.  It started to warm up a little … Continue reading

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Chicken Marbella

I’ve had this recipe for at least 20 years.  I have made a bunch of revisions over the years as our tastes changed – I can’t even remember the original recipe.  The last few times that I have made it, I haven’t made … Continue reading

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McKitty Loves his Unka Sherb

McKitty is our youngest cat, the last stray that we have taken in (so far…..)  We discovered him in the engine of the Miata one day five or six years ago.  I was in the garage early in the morning getting … Continue reading

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Fingernail Art with my new Red Angel Image Plates

The Easter Bunny brought me a set of Red Angel Image Plates, isn’t he great!  These are much better than chocolate – LOL!  I really like this design, it’s like french tips on steroids. I used Nicole by O.P.I for … Continue reading

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Sometimes you’re friends, Sometimes you’re not

I am always amazed at how each cat has their own unique personality.  These two cats have the same body type – stocky – but their personalities are almost exactly opposite.  ET (on the left) was a stray that we … Continue reading

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