Attempting African Chicken with Peanut Powder

African Chicken - attempt number one

So, now that I’m retired and I have the time, I am trying to cook things that are healthy and taste good.  LOL – Al says that this is impossible, if it tastes good, it’s not healthy.  I’m trying to make meals that have lots of fresh vegetables and/or fruit in them and that do taste good.  I’m also trying to find recipes that Al will actually eat.  He unearthed my pile of recipes from years and years ago that he really liked, and asked me to make them for him.  Unfortunately, these use ingredients that are either processed, full of fat, or both.  I am trying to re-do these with more “healthy” ingredients, less fat calories, and hopefully the same or better great taste.

This African Chicken was the first that I tried.  Al really likes this one a lot, primarily because it has peanut butter in it!  I made it pretty much according to the recipe that I had, except I substituted peanut flour for peanut butter.  It turned out OK, but still needs to be tweaked, even Al agrees.  I think that our tastes must have changed because this needs a LOT more spices in it.  I will at least double the spices next time.  I think it also could use another can of diced tomatoes.  Tomatoes are healthy, and canned tomatoes are even better for you than fresh!  And at least one more vegetable – I will have to think about what to use.  Maybe carrots, they are my go-to veggie and don’t change the taste much, add nice color, and are really healthy (don’t tell Al).

Now, the peanut flour.  I heard about this from reading health blogs on the internet.  I think it is what is left over after they press the peanuts for peanut oil.  Some smart person decided that they could sell this as “fat free peanut butter” to health food suckers instead of selling it for pennies on the pound to pet food or fertilizer manufacturers.  I first found this at Trader Joe’s, but when we went back to get more, they didn’t carry it any more.  I found some on the internet, from the PB2 store in Tifton, Georgia.

It does really taste just like peanut butter, and it’s 45 calories for 2 Tablespoons instead of 190 for peanut butter.  I love peanut butter, and I love the recipes that I have that use peanut butter.  But each one uses a half cup or more, so I really really like the calorie reduction.   It dissolves easily in liquid, and when mixed in tastes just like peanut butter.  By itself, it’s not a substitute for peanut butter, but mixed in a recipe it really has the peanut butter flavor.  However, I will put more in the African Chicken next time.

Once I get this recipe worked out, Al wants me to try the other recipies that have peanut butter in them.  That PB2 store is going to make a bunch of money off of me, if I don’t watch out!


About sunflowerswank

After working all of my life, I retired in June, 2011. I try to use my extra time to rest, exercise, paint my fingernails, play with my 9 cats, spend time with my husband, Al, and cook healthy and lower fat recipies for us to eat. I try to use as many fruits and vegetables in my menus as I can cram in, sometimes to the complaints of the hubs - LOL! I am also making over some of my old favorites to be heathier with more vegetables in them, and less fat.
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